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Why External Recruitment Is Beneficial For Your Company

Whether it is a large or small organisation, many companies today use consultants for a multitude of reasons. In this week’s blog post, we take a closer look at just a few of the many reasons why organisations hire external HR consultants in order to help you decide whether using one could be beneficial for your organisation.

What is a consultant?

Consultants are independent contractors generally specialising in a particular area – in this case, we are looking at those whose specialty is in HR. External consultants are highly trained in solving problems, doing research and/or exploring alternatives. They focus on results and work flows from what their client organisations’ objectives are. The degree to which these objectives are met is a key criterion of the consultant’s contribution.

We now take a look at top three benefits of using an external recruitment agency to the company:

1.A fresh perspective with external objectivity

All businesses, regardless of size, need HR expertise. HR consultants offer a third-party, outside perspective to help businesses navigate their evolving business landscape and maximize their human resource efforts. These experts can assess your current HR processes for compliance as well as help navigate through delicate labour issues and the potential minefield of hiring, compensation, and benefits.

Coming from an outside perspective allows consultants to have a more objective, bird’s eye view of the company and the industry as a whole (aka “the bigger picture”). Often business owners struggle to see things that may seem obvious and necessary in their business because they are so focused in their everyday operations – it's easy to take for granted something you see all the time. This is where it is useful to have an objective, fresh set of eyes looking at your people management processes to determine what is needed to take your business further. An external HR consultant can offer objective, unbiased opinions and are able to share with you other business stories, success and ideas.


A consultant can bring a high level of technical knowledge, expertise and services to you and your company. There are a lot of skills that a company needs to have but may not have enough use for them to justify using a full time employee at the job – in this case it often makes sense to bring in a consultant. Not only are consultants usually high skilled in their specialty, they come with valuable experiences working with other companies in the same industry that may have faced similar challenges. Therefore, they can apply experience from the past into their current projects and engagements.

Even if there's an HR staff member in place, the HR consultant can advise him on HR functions that will sustain employee engagement and productivity. Most HR consultants work hard to continually upgrade their knowledge and expertise in HR best practices so they can market high-quality services to clients and ensure that their clients trust their advice and counsel.

3.Effective Recruitment

While a HR business consultant may not post job advertisements or sit in on candidate interviews, they can advise you on what it takes to attract qualified applicants. Consultants whose specialty areas include recruitment and selection, gives organisational leaders tips on the best recruitment strategies as well as how to make wise hiring decisions. Small businesses often cannot afford to waste resources on ineffective recruitment strategies; therefore, an HR consultant can help create a more productive and efficient workforce which can ultimately save an organisation thousands by minimising cost-per-hire and increasing retention.

What do you think about external HR consultants? Have they added value to your firm? Did you have any positive or negative experiences with them? We would love to hear your thoughts b leaving your comment below!

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