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Client & Candidate Service Agreement


Customer focus is one of our key values. Therefore we think it’s vitally important to have a charter that we can share with clients and candidates and use to evaluate our service performance.

Our commitment is to help companies match the right person, to the right role, in the most efficient timeframe possible. With every assignment, it is our intent to follow these steps and also encourage our clients to have similar expectations of their involvement in the recruitment process.


Stages within Curran + Associates Recruitment and Placement Process


1. Response from C+A after the job has been released

  • At this stage we arrange a meeting to take the Job Brief.

  • The Job Brief meeting is an opportunity for C+A to understand the role, and the candidate profile.

        *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: 2 – 3 days from initial contact


2. Follow up call to client to explain the assessment process

  • The aim of this call is to confirm the exact assignment process and to offer a date for the shortlist submission.

       *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Within 24 hours of brief

3. Undertake search, assessment and presentation of candidate shortlist


  • Using our extensive database, as well as other strategies, we search for suitable candidates.-

  • We conduct interviews/assessments to screen people before they are deemed suitable for shortlist selection.

  • We prepare and submit a candidate shortlist to the client, including information (salary expectations, resume) relevant to the decision making process.


    *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: 1 - 3 weeks from commencing assignment


4. First interviews arranged and completed

  • The client will confirm with C+A where and when the interviews will take place and who will participate. We then inform the candidate accordingly.​


    *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Within 1 week after shortlist presented


5. Client feedback following the short list interview


  • We aim to gather feedback from the client and share this with the shortlisted candidates.

  • Determine and agree with the client which candidates progress to second interview or other assessment.


   *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Within 24 hours of last candidate interview


6. Second interviews completed


  • We assist in arranging assessments if required.-

  • We conduct reference checks upon the client’s request and provide any other information necessary for probity checks.


     *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Within 1 week from the first stage of interviews


7. Salary negotiations completed


  • We reconfirm with the candidate their income expectations and also the client’s remuneration range to check for alignment.-

  • On behalf of the client we verbally offer the role to the candidate and if required, facilitate further negotiation to ensure offer acceptance.


    *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Within 2 – 3 days from verbal advice to C+A of job offer


8. Preparation of contracts and Letter of Offer


  • The client will provide the contract directly to the candidate.

  • We assist in providing personal and any other information that will assist the client’s HR team in preparing and forwarding the relevant documents.


   *Preferred timeframe we seek to achieve: Up to 3 days from candidate acceptance of verbal offer

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