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Are You Ready To Recruit? 


    Before you commence the hiring process, can you answer the following questions? 

  • Have you assessed your internal candidate pool?

  • What are the key challenges for your organisation & your industry for the next 12 months?

  • What is the job brief? Have you reviewed the job description to ensure that it accurately reflects both the role and competencies required for success?

  • What are the key drivers for this business area?

  • What are the key objectives for the next 12-months for the new hire?

  • When looking at the background of the preferred candidate, can you focus on what is essential as opposed to"nice to have" or preferred qualities.

  • Are there any key initiatives that are to be implemented in the near future?

  • What is the compensation package? Is there a company bonus? Is there an individual bonus? Are there any other non monetary benefits i.e. onsite gym?

  • What will be the interview process? Who are the decision makers?

  • Who are the key stakeholders? Will they be involved in the interview process?

  • Have you procured a purchase order number or received sign off from the relevant department?

  • Do you have a sales pitch for the candidate on why your company should be a preferred employer?

  • What interview style will you opt for i.e. behavioural or informal? Has this been communicated?

  • If there is a panel of interviewers, will everyone be prepared with questions and understand the interview process?Have you got pre agreed dates when everyone can attend?

  • Have you identified career progression opportunities for the new hire?

  • What is the probationary period?

  • Who will train this person and is there an induction plan in place? If not, who will be accountable for planning the induction?

  • Have you got the resources/ tools for this person to join your business?


If you have answers for all of these questions, then you're ready to recruit so please contact us so that we can organise to meet and discuss your needs in detail.


The team at Curran + Associates are experts in providing assistance and feedback on your job briefs to ensure best fit and a quick turnaround in finding the right candidate for your business needs.

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