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Unleash the Drive in your Employees!!

Employees and their motivation is an important aspect of any successful organization. Productivity and efficiency follows when the employee is motivated and inspired to deliver great results. However it’s not uncommon at certain stages for employees to stagnate in their jobs, whether for personal or external reasons. You need to look out for the tell-tale signs of an employee’s lack of drive!

“Peter recently started an exciting new career as an account coordinator at an award-winning ad agency. Everything about the new position excited him, from working with new clients to collaborating with fellow creatives to coming up with innovative ideas. The future was looking bright.

Fast forward one year.

Peter’s first year with the agency was successful. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm when he first started has since faded. He’s grown comfortable in his position -- maybe even too comfortable. What used to excite him is now just another item on his to-do list.” – Managing Employees - Entrepreneur

There will be many people just like Peter in this case, people who are exceptional and ready to work but will soon find they are not as valued or the job is not as engaging as they previously thought. Three in Four employees are open to or looking for new job opportunities according to a study by Career Builder.

What makes your company different?

To understand and be engaged with your employee means to be on the same page as them. One of the most important ways to retain your staff is by including them in your company’s vision. Sounds really simple…but do they know what their role is in the greater scheme of things? The mission statement will be the same but the vision of the company continues to evolve and develop. The employee needs to know this so they will be able to set and align their own goals with those of the company. Being able to connect work to results will create an enthused and motivated workforce.

Agile work environments as we have mentioned before, are beginning to become part of the mainstream in organizations. Less structure and more engagement style of workplaces have been found to be the go-to environment employees thrive in. It creates an atmosphere of change and change creates opportunity whether for work or to forge new relationships.The work environment can be a highly competitive place; targets need to be met. These expectations can be stressful and create demands on a person’s energy and mental capacity to deliver. Introduce a bit of friendly competition in the workplace, set aside time away from work as a team or department and do something that is different to work. Not only will it stimulate concentration, it will generate excitement.

Take Home Message:

The mission statement and the company vision are two separate entities, the former relates to the direction of the business while the latter is the process to achieve that goal. Everyone has a role in shaping and solidifying that vision. If your employee does not know that vision, you are creating a bridge with no support. Tell them they are important and tell them they matter, introduce some uniqueness into the workplace to ensure your employees continue to perform and want to stay!

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