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Boosting Office Morale, Why it Matters!!

Improving office morale is an initiative not to be taken lightly. Negativity in the workplace can not only have disastrous effects on employee attitudes and cohesiveness, but can suffocate new ideas and potential business growth.

The symptoms can aggravate low employee retention and high turnover, threatening a company’s biggest asset: people. In order to reduce the likelihood of toxicity and negativity, one must find the source of the problem. Investigating any types of social rumblings or general complaints is an effective way to start acknowledging the significance of negative attitudes. Identifying employee groups and surveying their feedback allows management to gain a more transparent perspective of the issues. By analysing the environment, relevant polices and changes can be easily implemented.

Firstly, communicate with people the strategic framework and core values of the business. Revisit the mission statement and make adjustments if it needs more clarity. Cohesiveness comes with employees showing inclusiveness. Indicate to them that they are all on the same team, this can be done through showing clear direction and shedding light on the contribution they can make.

Empowering your employees and creating alignment with your strategy and vision give’s them a sense of purpose. This is why recognition and reward systems are vital for employee motivation. Promotions and lateral transfers must be visible for all staff, they must know there is room for growth. For them to trust you, you must trust them. Even if they are newly hired, treat your colleagues as if they are worthy of your respect and trust.

Make opportunities known to those who have suggestions regarding topics such as a new dress codes, desk arrangement or pay. Unsurprisingly, some people can be intimidated by the hierarchy of management and so you want to put your workers at ease when making recommendations or requests. Remember Its important to not be complacent when it comes to the mood in the office.

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