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Making Your Quieter Colleagues Shine

A good leader knows how to bring out the best from every member of their team, playing to their strengths is necessary in order to be successful. Employees who are innately timid can often get overlooked by colleagues who are typically louder and confident. It’s a skill to unlock the potential and talent within your employees who may be less outgoing than others. An effective manager is one who takes his time to understand and empathise with their employees. Here are some ways in which the more introverted people in your office can be empowered by colleagues.

Help them prepare, especially if its an oral based task, like a meeting or an important presentation with clients. Preparing speaking points and clarifying their role within the meeting will help with confidence. If they have a strong knowledge base and good ideas, all they need is some encouragement, offer suggestions and ways in which they can deliver their comments. They should not be overlooked for their achievements and giving them credit is a good way to prevent this. Keeping a close eye on their welfare is needed since they may not have the courage to speak up if they are having issues. Put yourself on the right side of them and put an extra effort into encouraging them when they experience shortcomings.

For introverts, brainstorming is best left one on one. Quiet employees tend to succumb to nerves and self consciousness when they make suggestions. The pressures of being creative by whim is hard enough as it is. Submitting written recommendations in their own time or compartmentalised brainstorming sessions might see your shy employee’s great idea come to life. What works best will different for everyone and this is why it is important to get to know them better. Identify their skills in order to evolve their positions within the company. Foster a culture where quieter personalities are not considered a sign of weakness. Above all, let them know they are valued regardless if they talk a little or talk a lot.

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