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What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Unfortunately, the phrase, ‘ I hate my job’ is one that appears far too often. Everyone deserves to get out of bed every morning to go and do what they love. In reality, I know its tough to go to work every day when there is a prominent aspect which you’ve come to greatly dislike. However, the first rule is to keep those negative thoughts to yourself and don’t share them in the workplace. I have heard plenty of stories where people “offload” their grievance to colleagues, only for it to filter back to a manager, sometimes distorted along the way. Which then requires a lot of explaining and back pedalling. Telling your family or close friends is always a good outlet for discussion. Never forget that just because you hate what you do doesn’t mean you have to keep at it. Getting to the point where you dislike your job is not out of the ordinary, it happens. The most important thing is what you do next.

Don’t quit your job unless its absolutely unavoidable. The last thing you want is to make an irrational decision and end up regretting it because you couldn’t find another job fast enough. So it is important to reflect on the current situation. What are the reasons for you wanting to quit? Can these be quickly resolved? Is there anything you could be doing to make you happier at work? If the problem is perceived to be short term, perhaps you could ask for a department transfer or shift change. Always consider the alternatives, as it is usually easier than having to find a new job. Which means you have to be ready to for the forthcoming job search. Take the time to do up your cv, update your linkedin and network a suitable job opening. This process may take a while so be prepared for the long haul in your current job.

Lastly, it is of the utmost importance to resign cordially. You don’t want to burn any bridges. You want to leave a positive long lasting impression on your way out. Always keep in mind that hating your job doesn’t always mean quitting it.

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