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The Value of Employee Engagement

Every company wants 100% engagement from their employees. It is expected for employees to give their best each day and commit to the organisations goals and values. Bringing a high level of dedication and passion to the job often leads to innovation in the workplace, a quality most companies fail to achieve. It is essential for businesses to create a work environment that encourages employee engagement and retention. This is because it is likely that the most successful ideas will derive from those who know the company best - the current employees.

Similar to employee retention, an effective recognition and reward system must be put in place. Each worker should have an opportunity to to recognised for their hard work, but its important the business makes this accessible. Frequent, transparent and sometimes overt displays of merit towards an employee is the type of encouragement that is needed to keep them productive. This should be coupled with frequent feedback on ongoing performance. It is important to remember that it must be carried out in a progressive and positive manner. Specify what they do well, what they can do better and what they want to achieve in the near future. Aligning their values with the company’s values is another assured way of improving engagement. You must make them realise the business’s vision and remind them of their value in achieving it. Menial or not, no employee will be interested in the work if they can’t see what it is they are aiming for.

Strong relationships with co-workers is for the most part, positive for the business - especially when they are equivalently engaged. Creating an environment in which these types of friendships can be cultivated is likely to keep employees motivated as it ensures co-operation and shared passion. Setting up the team for success also means that each and every employee needs proper training. Knowing the job will improve their confidence and ultimately their performance. Look to prioritise your employee’s engagement and the company will reap the benefits of a happy, productive team.

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