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Efficiency Versus Personality, AIs on the Phone

Our worst fear of machines is upon us. They are taking over the workforce…ultimately outperforming what humans are most proud of; being adaptable and problem solving. Will we be losing more jobs to the machines as they become more and more advanced?

Hold your horses!!

The introduction of AI and automation is to increase efficiency and reduce the time taken to action a request/task. Even with the rise of chatbots and computerized customer service, people still prefer human interaction! We don’t know how advanced AI can become in the future, but in present time human services trumps AI services.

What is the difference between AI customer service and customer service with AI?

AI customer service is where the customer is dealing directly with a computer. All responses and procedures are pre-programmed and are generally used at the first-level of customer problems. The AI is there to solve the basic problems to leave escalated issues to the people.

Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence is where you are dealing with a person but AI assists them. If you watch too many Sci-fi shows, this imagery is not a robot standing next to the person!

The AI can assist the individual by doing all the calculations, pulling together information/records of the customer to speed up the process.

Will Customer Service be the Determining Factor as Technology becomes more Advanced?

We are in a world of communication and exchanges, where everything needs to be done between two parties. As people are social beings, it is in our nature to trust first before dealing. Happy and satisfied customers are those that feel comfortable when dealing with the individual about their issues.

The use of AI allows for precise and speedy production. To collate all the information and data to create useful insights allows for the individual to operate more efficiently. Ultimately, it is the person delivering and using that information to solve problems. Our ability to adapt and utilize previous experiences to problem solve makes us the perfect candidate to deliver amazing customer service.

Take Home Message:

The topic of Artificial Intelligence and Automation is a controversial topic but also a hot one. It is all over the place anywhere you look…robots are coming. Everything needs to be fast, efficient and profitable regardless what position you are in. Why AI has become the greatest thing since sliced bread is because of those 3 reasons. What we need to keep in mind is, customers need to be treated like people and entitled to proper service. Without the trust and comfortability, customers won’t want to work with you. AI should work with you, not replace you. Do you want to interact with a friend or an Artificial Intelligence?

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