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You Are Ready For a Promotion...What to Do About It

We all want some kind of appreciation and reward for putting in the work and effort for the organization. What better way than getting a promotion?

How do you know when that time has arrived?

Sometimes the manager will tell you. But what if you are in a situation where you feel you have exceeded and gone beyond the expectations of your current role? And that you feel ready to take that next step?

Signs you are ready for a promotion

The most valued and accurate demonstration of your readiness for the next big step is thinking and directly being involved with the organization’s performance and growth. Your ability to operate in the role is important, but the organization will want someone who can perform for the organization beyond their roles and responsibilities.

You are ready for a promotion when…you can delegate and take responsibility. The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the greater the emphasis on leadership. To be able to effectively allocate work and responsibilities to people around you to accomplish a task is absolutely necessary.

You are ready for a promotion when…a large portion of responsibilities falls on you and others come to you for solutions. When you are performing well beyond the expectation and overlapping work with more-higher positions, it is very clear you are ready. To be able to provides solutions to the senior leadership team means you have the understanding and skills to deal with more advanced issues.

What you should do when you are ready

If you are ready for that long-desired promotion, the next step is to put your thoughts into action. This is the trickiest part, you need to think carefully on what you can offer and what you have done in the organization. We can all say, “we want a promotion!” but what can you really offer to back up that statement?

The key is to have something to show for it. Intangible qualities are important but what an organization wants is results, and results you must provide! When you exclaim to the Senior manager about promotions, ensure you have prepared substantially!

Your achievements should showcase you and how that will translate to the next stage. Furthermore, you need to understand what is required for that higher role so you don’t sound like you are grasping at straws.

Secret to Success:

If you have been keeping up to date with our blogs, the topic of people relationships appears very frequently. The workplace and people are all about social, how you interact and how people view you is critical to your standing in the organization. You want people to acknowledge you and respect you. When both the seniors and the juniors respect you, you have more opportunities to be noticed and given the chance to perform.

Take Home Message:

Promotion is a difficult and sometimes random event. If you are the type of person to seek opportunities, you need to be ready at all times. At the workplace, you are on display by all so, your actions and abilities need to be honed for the next step. Being respected by your peers is key to your road to success. It doesn’t matter how skilled or valuable you think you are, if the people around you think otherwise, you have no chance.

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