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Mastering the Phone Interview

Mastering the phone interview is something of a lost art. It is a common hurdle during the hiring process which is often overlooked by aspiring professionals. For companies, this step can save time and money when pooling candidates for the job. The importance of phone etiquette is often neglected amongst the rise of social media, making preparation essential.

First and foremost, choose a quiet spot with no distractions but be certain it is somewhere your phone will stay connected. Speak in a clear and confident voice. It ensures conviction in what you are saying. Don’t forget to sound upbeat and enthusiastic. In terms of preparation, it is crucial that you study the company, the job position itself and the industry. Subsequently, aligning your skillset and experiences where relevant. Write down these mock answers on a ‘cheat sheet’, which you can refer to throughout the phone calls duration. This will help keep you on track with your answers and writing it all on paper allows for better memory retention, especially when faced with interview nerves. It is also recommended that you keep your resume with you, as it is likely the caller will be reviewing it at the time of the interview.

Listen attentively and take notes where necessary. Towards the end of the interview, you can use whatever valuable information you’ve written down to create new questions or discussion surrounding the job. The interview is meant to be a conversation so it is important to jot down questions to show you are interested in not just any job, but the one they’re offering. And remember, one of the biggest rules in interviewing is to avoid discussing money until after an offer has been made.

After the call, send a follow up thank you note. The interview doesn’t end when you hang up the phone so ensure you show your gratitude. It can be along the lines of thanking them for putting aside the time to see you. It is in this note which you can reiterate your interest of the position and emphasise why you are the perfect fit. Leaving a lasting impression such as this could give you the edge needed to secure the role. Hiring is never an easy process, so get as much practice in as possible.

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