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Realistic Adjustments to Unrealistic Resolutions

The first month of the new year is coming to a close and it presents a good time to reflect on the resolutions we set for ourselves. Are we performing to the best of our ability in the office? Are we consistently exercising and eating healthy as promised? Contemplating the progress of your goals, whether it be professional or personal, is an effective way to ensure actual development. It’s easy to get distracted by summer weather or that cool new gadget you got as a Christmas gift. It most cases, your goals may not have been as realistic as previously thought. There is no shame in adjusting them sightly in order to accommodate your new schedule, there are still another eleven months!

Here are some recommendations to help you achieve your New Year Resolutions:

Acknowledge Your Current Progress

It’s easy to lose track of your resolutions if theres not a voice motivating or congratulating you efforts. People don’t often realise that the most powerful voice stems from oneself. Theres nothing wrong with giving yourself credit and patting yourself on the back when you deserve it. Been a superhuman at work recently? Recognise yourself for your efforts by writing positive notes to remind yourself.

Develop a Planner To Track Your Goals, Desires and Resolutions

Whether it be alarms on your phone or post it notes or a wall calendar, organise what you set out to do in 2018. The latter may be more satisfying due to physically pulling the notes from the wall. Either way, this level of planning will motivate and allow you to effortlessly weave them into your day.

Your Year, Your Life

Do something, anything, just for you - and make sure to do it every single day. The broadness of this request might seem intimidating at first, however, it gives you enough to make it anything you want. Business professionals can easily get carried away in doing tasks for others during the workday. If you’ve started a unexpectedly busy year and can’t fit in time for the new goal you set, replace it with something similar, albeit trivial. Just make sure that the activity is different from what you do already.

Remain Focused, But Know When To Let Your Hair Down

Giving a relentless ‘110%’ to your job at every moment is all well and good, but remember to take yourself a little less seriously. Its okay to allow some leeway in your plans, take time to laugh with your co-workers after a stressful week. Take time to appreciate the skills and personality they bring to the job. And you’ll inadvertently find yourself giving that desired ‘110%’.

GO FOR IT IN 2018!!

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