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Don't Hope, Action!

How many times has the concept of “hope” crossed your mind during work?

I hope that report I submitted to my manager is well received…

I hope my presentation to the team goes well tomorrow morning…

I hope I hit my kpi’s this month…

Hope can be a positive as part of your belief system, especially when you want to achieve great results! More and more, we operate in an environment that requires fast paced decision making. We come to a decision based on what we think is the solution and complete the task. We hope for the best outcome…but what we should be doing is getting on the front foot to ensure we are in control.

How do you know your report/project was satisfactory?

It is important to be clear about the deliverables on assignments. When generating reports for management, its critical to check for mutual agreement on what you are to deliver. This comes back to clear communication. Rather than going away and producing a report, based on what you think is required and then hoping it’s acceptable, why don’t you present a progress update or a snapshot of the reports contents, prior to completion? Without being needy, why don’t you organise a quick debriefing session to give your manager a status update?

What can you do to perform better at presentations?

The fear of public speaking, we all dread it but we need to do it. The key to successful delivery, is to know your subject matter inside out, its relevant and your presentation will capture and hold attention. Practice or do a mock presentation beforehand. By being prepared, you will progress from hoping it will be a success, to having confidence the presentation will be well received.

Am I doing my job correctly? Am I hitting my kpi’s?

I’m sure we have all asked ourselves this question plenty of times. Its natural that you want to know how you are performing, for example in the early stages of moving into a new role. So rather than hope its working out, or wait for your performance appraisal, take the initiative and ask your manager for feedback. It’s a skill to be able to successfully manage upwards. Not all managers are adept at giving feedback, plus it’s also your responsibility to get their attention too. Ask them about your tasks and responsibilities, what is working well and if there are areas that require improvement.

Take Home Message:

Hope is a good thing but action is better. The events that involve yourself, can be in your control if you decide to do so. Don’t leave things up to chance. If you can confidently announce to yourself, I have tried everything…that’s when you can call it a day.

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