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Being a Successful Team Player is Really Important in 2018

A successful team performance is the sum of each member’s personal contribution. Which means that there can be no weak link. To be noticed by peers and superiors alike, it is imperative that you know how to play well with others. Whilst the 21st century brings an increased degree of diversity, it does demand one to be hyper-compatible with an array of differing personalities and backgrounds. There is no greater outcome than a team combining their knowledge and talents to achieve a certain goal, so it is no surprise companies are encouraging more team based projects in the modern era. However, getting the individual basics right is the first step towards being a successful team player.

Practice being open-minded. With an expected amalgamation of opinions, it is essential that you adjust and consider everyone’s perspective - even if you downright know that what they’re saying is a ‘stupid’ idea. Being receptive to feedback and constructive criticism is all part of the job and should be welcomed. This is because these peer to peer suggestions might have the ability to transform your own skills and eventual success. Think of it as a learning curve to seeing things differently, who wouldn’t want that ability when aspiring for future promotion? Things like meeting deadlines and respecting team meetings is another way to earn the respect of your team members. If you say you’re going to do something, do it and do it to the best of your ability. Everyone loves a reliable group member and no one wants to be blamed individually if things turn sour.

Adapting and appreciating your colleague’s work styles are noteworthy tips. The multigenerational workforce means that there will be different approaches and timelines for each member’s work. Expect the process of teamwork to be a rocky ride but know when to pick up the pieces. Yes, unfortunately, there will be situations where you’ll have to account for other people’s work. Your effective management can help avert the crisis and thats why flexibility is a key attribute for any successful team member. Focus on the quality of work at hand and avoid office politics, even if people are slacking off. In the latter case, it may be appropriate to call them out, rather than push it under the carpet. Lastly, know when to celebrate your peer’s successes. This display of humbleness towards a co-worker means they’re likely to do the same for you in the future. Focus on your team goals and never stray from what you set out to achieve in the first place.

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