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Be on social media, or miss out

In a time where social media is thriving, its an important to use it so you can build and enhance your social and professional brand. It provides an excellent platform to showcase your skills, opinions and abilities. Blogging and commenting on certain topics within your desired industry is a great pathway to developing a profile and visibility to others. Social media channels can lead recruiters to your virtual doorstep and it helps strengthen your chances at the job interview.

Following the social media sites of companies which are of interest will help give insight into their company culture and workplace values. Linkedin in particular will allow you to understand who are the key decision makers and what it is they do. This is especially important if you plan on reaching out directly to a head of a department. You’ll also gain knowledge on the company’s clients and the type of work that they deal with. This type of information can be used during the interview and hopefully give you the edge needed to succeed.

Updating your Linkedin profile is critical, companies rely on the platform to search and hire candidates. In essence, it is simply an online CV. It also provides the opportunity for colleagues to ‘endorse’ your skills and competencies for greater authenticity. Former bosses or co-workers can include personal testimonials praising your ability. Its these types of extra features which make updating your Linkedin profile vital. Remember to be mindful of what you post, share, like or comment on. It is highly likely that recruiters will see all of your activity, positive or not.

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