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Selling Yourself at the Job Interview

Going through the process of getting a new job can sometimes feel daunting or is considered an arduous task. Selling yourself to the employer requires a conscientious and focused effort. So we thought we’d provide some simple tips to get you through it:

Preparation is essential. Start by researching the company and its respective industry, get to know their competitors. Analyse the job description and gain insights into the type of person that would be most suitable for the role.Write up a handful of mock or common questions that are to be expected and subsequently write out your answers. The visual will not only resonate better, but will help with brainstorming stronger responses. A rough outline is good and you want to avoid sounding formulaic or excessive. You want to stand out and provide responses that remain in the interviewers memory long after the conversation. Just keep note on making your answers sound as authentic as possible.

It is important to recognise your strengths and then put them on full display. You only have a short period of time to impress the interviewer so don’t hold back out of fear of being too arrogant. The fine line between arrogance and confidence can be distinguished by outlining your accomplishments in terms of other peoples comments.

Avoid sounding vague with your answers, be as specific as possible. Avoid responding to questions by saying “we” but instead talk in the first person as its YOU that they want to know about. A story is often an effective method of providing the right amount of detail whilst showing some character. Being respectful to the interviewer’s time and paying attention to their cues is especially important. Be succinct and avoid rambling.

There is no clear cut answer to what one should wear to an interview. Do wear something that is comfortable yet industry appropriate. Ensure you are well groomed and presentable. Your body language should be confident, avoid slouching and mumbling. Hold yourself well and ensure politeness. Interviews are a fleeting glimpse into your character and so you must maintain a good impression throughout. Things like a firm handshake and making eye contact are a solid starting point. Attempt to leave out ‘ums’ and ‘like’ in your speech, as it denotes uncertainty and a lack of articulation.

Regardless of what the job may be, it is imperative that you know what the interviewer wants. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself ‘What would I want from this person?’. Heed the advice and you’ll be putting yourself in a very positive light. Remember, their is no such thing as being too prepared.

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