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Resigning Made Easy

Quitting your job is often harder than one might expect. Its never an easy to task to advise an employer of your desire to move on. We know that from working closely with candidates who have to navigate the resignation process. For many people, resigning invokes mixed feelings. Whether the motivation to leave stems from a work or non-work related reason, it is common for professionals to fumble the execution. There are good and bad ways to quit your job and the last thing you want is to harm your reputation over resignation. When its completed, the load is lifted from your shoulders.

Avoid being Negative

You might have the cruelest boss in the world or the worst co-workers imaginable - either way, leave your job emphasising the positive. Reminisce on the good times with co-workers, talk about how the business has helped you in some way or celebrate some of your biggest achievements whilst working there. If you are invited to attend an exit interview, that may be the opportunity to provide constructive feedback.

Give Notice

Your employment contract will stipulate your notice period. Unless its unavoidable, you should as your first priority understand you need to serve out your notice. If there are pressing reasons for requesting a shorter notice period, it needs to be handled sensitively, recognising its at the employer’s discretion. Just because you may be mentally “out the door” does not mean your employer needs to do the same. They will most likely need all the time they can get to fill your position.

Do Write a Formal Letter

Your notice should come in the form of a written formal letter. Avoid making it too lengthy, you don’t need to say much more other than your leaving and when your last day in the office will be. Its also important to tell your manager before anyone else so as to avoid any rumours, this is where a written explanation straight to your superior is advantageous.

Farewell Sincerely

Put aside time to write a farewell card to your co-workers. Putting it on the staff notice board or giving little messages to those in your department expressing your gratitude. Even if your terms for leaving are due to any discrepancies with fellow co-workers, a simple message still goes along way. Leave on good terms by leaving them with this token gesture.

Request a Reference

Kindly ask your colleagues or superiors if they’d be willing to give you a reference or a Linkedin recommendation. The latter is suggested as hiring is experiencing a greater shift to online services such as Linkedin.

Offer where to Help

Ensure that you offer your help with your resignation wherever needed. Whether they accept your assistance or not, it leaves a good impression. In any case, it is courteous to plan how you’ll transfer your responsibilities to other or new co-workers.

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