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Boosting your Productivity in the Workplace

All Business leaders want to get the most out of themselves and their employees. Employee productivity is at the heart of a successful company. Ensuring that heart beats, effortlessly and endlessly, is mostly dependent on the collective effort of each individual. Taking advantage of the many hours of your work day is essential to grow as a business professional. Here are some strategies to foster a productive mindset:

Quick Breaks

It is actually more productive to take a quick 5 to 10 minute break to let your mind reset and recharge in between tasks. These brief interludes can come in the form of a coffee in the office or from a café across the street. It may also give you a chance to grab some for the co-workers and save them time too!

Make a next day schedule - before you knock off from work

Write out your tasks for the next day and prioritise what needs to be completed. This level of organisation will make you aware of what is most important against what is most urgent. This will ensure you are focused from the moment you sit down at your desk. The clarity of your objectives are important, you will also get satisfaction in crossing off your ‘to do list’ once you complete them.

Exploit your Commute

Rather than messaging friends on social media or playing angry birds on the bus to work, respond to emails, plan your day or simply brainstorm. This bonus additional time in our day can sometimes be our most productive because it doesn’t hold the pressures of a work environment. It could even save you any additional stress later in your day.

“Clear Desk”, Clear Mind

This concept still applies in a paperless office and where data is increasingly stored in the cloud. If information is buried in a myriad of emails or misplaced, this suggests a lack or care and being disorganised. Which impacts on your time management and stress levels. A “clear desk” will make you more productive.

The Work Diet

At lunch and throughout the day, snack on foods that are high in anti-oxidants and nutrients to keep your brain function up. Avoid high sugar content foods that will make you crash and your productivity irregular. Fruits, especially berries, are a good substitute if you are craving something sweet.

Midday Exercise

Why not add some exercise to your lunch break? It can be simple as going for a walk. It will help in stimulating your brain and keeps the blood flowing. You’ll come back to the office feeling invigorated and will ensure a good break from any arduous office tasks. Just don’t forget to shower if it was a big session!!

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