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'Tis the Season to Be Jolly"

A light hearted review of comments from clients and candidates that make us laugh……… and sometimes cry

Here at Curran & Associates we love our jobs, because we love engaging with people. It’s what makes us turn up for work each day. So as the year draws to a close, we think its an ideal time to take you behind the scenes, with a tongue in cheek insight on 10 of the most frequently received comments we get from clients and candidates. Here they are…….

  1. Money is not my main driver…………but to make it worth my while to leave, I would be seeking a 15% increase on my current salary

  2. HR: “this is a really urgent hire, can we have CVs asap”. 2 weeks later…. “Sorry the line manager is too busy to review the CVs”

  3. We have hired an internal candidate (But we have just done a 6 week external search, where were they hiding???)

  4. I am a strategic thinker and love a challenge (Why does every person that’s looking for a new role think that?)

  5. Are you on our preferred supplier panel?

  6. The candidate doesn’t look the right culture fit (how could you work that out from a CV?)

  7. Us: Do you have any feedback from the hiring manager as to why the person was unsuccessful? HR: Sorry, No I don’t (Us; Gee, what do I say to the candidate??)

  8. How did you get my email address??

  9. Us to candidate: What motivates you? Candidate: The challenge (there is that word again!!)

  10. Client to us: I know it sounds like we are asking for a lot, but this is a really critical hire and we have to get it right. (If the person can walk on water, would that help?)

Enjoy the festive season everyone!!

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