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Bring on 2018!

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s easy to set New Year’s Resolutions, but the failure to see them through is something we’ve all been guilty of. That’s why it is important to start with focused, realistic goals. With many people spending most of their lives at work, here are four realistic resolutions that you can apply within the work environment:

Be Healthy

It’s likely this is a personal goal of yours, but who’s to say you can’t move your efforts into the office as well. You can start by engaging in a consistent exercise routine before or after work. Squeeze in a 30-minute run or cycle session before work or sign up to a gym near the office so you can go there during lunch time breaks. Getting the blood pumping will stimulate your brain, reduce stress and lift your energy levels. Bringing in your own healthy packed lunches will not only be better for your well-being, but also be easy on your wallet too. Eating right and maintaining a good diet will provide you with the essential nutrients to get through a busy day.

Give 100%

Even if you’ve had the same job for as long as you can remember, it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the possibilities for growth. Maintain the same vigour and enthusiasm every day like it was your last. Put your hand up for projects that are out of your comfort zone. Your attitude and commitment to additional responsibilities may help get you that promotion you’ve always wanted.

Always Seek Training Opportunities

People who have a thirst for learning are less likely to go stale in their job and slip into bad habits. It’s essential you continue to enhance or develop new skills. Training/study will stimulate your thinking, open your mind to new possibilities and enhance your skill set for the future. Its just as much your responsibility to invest in your own development.

Be Positive

Someone once said that if you want to be enthusiastic then first you need to act enthusiastic. If you pretend to be positive when you feel the complete opposite, experts say that it’s enough to convince yourself that you are indeed happy. Your enthusiasm in the office will become infectious and benefit your colleagues too!!

The New Year is a good time to re-assess and set goals that you want to achieve at work. If you stay resolute and focused throughout the year, your goals will come to fruition and that creates a great feeling. It’s worth the effort!!

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