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Innovative Ideas are only Ideas but Execution makes it Reality

The world is a continuously evolving place where innovation is a key aspect and impacts on all our lives. Ideas are in abundance, it’s what you do with that idea that matters. There is a gigantic void between the presentation of the idea to the execution. Looks something like this…

The idea has been prepared, shared and taken into consideration. In most cases, the idea will remain in the consideration stage and never make it through to “execution”. Some ideas can be risky and difficult to implement in your organization. Although some can lead you to further success. Why do they fall through…?

Some common reasoning:

  • “this thing could fail…I’ll get blamed…better play it safe!”

  • “If this is so great, why hasn’t anyone else tried it?”

  • “Great idea! But let’s make it more like what succeeded last time”

We’ve all heard these comments before, they normally mean the idea won’t pass through management. Here is a quick snapshot of an idea falling through that could’ve been a successful idea in improving employee satisfaction at work. Have a read!

How to Overcome the Barriers to New Ideas:

New and exciting ideas are not lacking. It is the lack of execution that is the problem. You need to remove the barriers that surround new ideas so that they are brought into the real world.

When you submit an idea, it needs to be aligned with the organization’s objectives and goals. Understand the short and long term aspects. There are many factors that could be influencing whether the idea succeeds or vanishes. Go High, Relate, Involve, Anticipate, Reassure and Don’t give up.

When you pitch an idea, make sure you Go High. Going through too many levels of approval will alter the idea and become a huge mess from many different perspectives. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Relate the idea to something that has worked before. Success is the key communicator when you need to convince others who are making a business decision about your idea. Help the decision makers see what has worked and how further development of the concept can lead to more success.

Involve the decision makers in the idea. Including them in the idea like they are part of the team in developing it will generate positive vibes. By including them and taking onboard some of their suggestions will increase eventual acceptance.

Anticipate the questions and objections that may come up from you presenting the idea. Be ready with clear and logical reasons to explain your stance.

Reassure the decision makers with clear evidence and confidence.

Take Home Message:

The senior executives look out for positive results. If the idea does not generate success or translate into numerical increases, it could be difficult to convince them. Your idea needs to be aligned with the business and with all the appropriate explanations and evidence to back yourself. Ideas that fall through could be a result of wrong timing, do not fit the present state of the business, or you have not convinced the leadership that it’s a great idea for the future. Understand what are the long term and short term goals so you don’t waste your own time.

Go High, Relate, Include, Anticipate, Reassure and NEVER GIVE UP.

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