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Accept the "right" job...not any job

Your current role doesn’t offer any challenges and your responsibilities have become dull. You feel it is time to move on and apply for other roles. Your focus is now centred on getting your next job, you are ready to move and you want it now!

The grass is always greener on the other side…It’s exciting to start a new job, to see new faces and to work in a new environment. “The offer is the perfect fit for me, I have to accept it…”

Hold on there! What did you notice when you went for the interview and when you met the team at the organization?

Before accepting a job offer, it takes a lot of self-control and observation in order to make the right decision. The role is the perfect fit for you, or at least it sounds like it. You must take into consideration the entire experience of when you stepped into the office and when you leave. Think back and make an objective and rational assessment of what you experienced. Take note of the positives and negatives within the organization.

Questionable Signs that will result in failure:

  1. The interviewer openly criticizes and bad mouths their fellow colleagues in front of you. Or worse, there has been a slight mistake and the person is quick to judge. This could be signs leading to unprofessionalism.

  2. The job description is vague, the interview did not fully qualify your capabilities or explain what is expected of you in the role. This could mean the role is not concrete, there are no set responsibilities and you could be in for a massive workload spanning multiple areas of the business.

  3. There is no career progression…alarms should be blaring at this point. If the interviewer does not discuss about career progression or what you are expected to achieve upon joining. Ask them! If the answer is nonchalant or very ambiguous, not a good sign.

  4. The levels of engagement between employees and the hiring manager seem low. Consider very carefully if you would want to work in this sort of environment.

  5. What do current/previous employees have to say about the organization? Websites such as “Glassdoor” offer useful insights about the business for those that are considering working there!

Take Home Message:

If your current job is no longer providing the challenge and development you were looking for, then it is a good idea to look around. Making the right decision with the appropriate amount of certainty will ensure your next move brings you more success. Don’t take any offer that comes flying through your door. Observe, Evaluate and Decide rationally. Look at the interviewer, the boss and the team and make a mental note…Do you want to work with them?

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