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Company Success is your Employees' Success

You want to attract the best and most productive talent out there to your company. The person has been hired and is now on-board and ready to start their first day at work…what do you do next as an organization?

The company needs to have a well-structured and clear company culture. The organizational culture drives the way things are done by the employees. Culture determines the way an organization sets its objectives and results which ultimately impacts on business performance. If the organization understands what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it, so will the employee.

What are some causes of Employee Disengagement?

  1. The job role and tasks are designed that the employee is required to do menial work. This will lead to boredom and offer no career growth for the individual.

  2. The employee is unclear on what is expected of them.

  3. Managers are distracted or unable to coach and mentor employees. This is most evident for new recruits/hires that join the organization. They are unfamiliar with the people and how the company operates, without someone to explain, it can easily lead to disengagement.

  4. The employee is not recognized and not provided with regular feedback about their work. The individual won’t understand what they have done incorrectly or how to perform better to reach the next step in their career.

Can an Organization be truly rid of Employee Disengagement?

No…there is no fixed solution to completely take away employee disengagement. Everyone has a different way to being engaged within the business. The organization can only focus on creating an environment that provides positivity and encouragement. That way employees are working as close to their potential as possible.

  1. Invest time in developing employee collaborative skills. A strong and engaged workforce is one where it can work as a unit. By creating activities or trips for employees to engage with each other this can build up positive working relationships which increase engagement. When employees get along, the environment is more collaborative than competitive.

  2. There must be a mentor and coaching system within the business. This needs to be evident at the beginning of the employee’s lifetime at the company and throughout. There will be times where you will encounter challenges and difficulties. If there is no way to find a possible solution…the employee will become disengaged.

  3. The company culture needs to be evident to employees from the beginning. There is no point in displaying an active and collaborative atmosphere during the interview but a dull and quiet working space.

Take Home Message:

Building an engaged workforce and to develop your employee to be engaged should be your business objective. An engaged employee means better productivity and less turnover. The working environment should be transparent and meaningful to the employee where they can see what they do really makes a difference. Positive culture needs to be evident throughout the company not just at the starting point. Creating an attractive environment to pull in candidates is just the first step. Keeping your employees engaged to work for you in the long term is when you know you have succeeded.

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