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Australia's most in-demand jobs

ManpowerGroup’s 2016 talent shortage survey revealed that 38% of Australian employers are having difficulty filling jobs. For the tenth consecutive year, Skilled Trades (including electricians, carpenters and bricklayers) are the hardest jobs to fill in Australia. Engineers are in second place, followed by Management/Executives, Sales Representatives and IT Staff.


  • More specifically civil and structural engineers. This is attributed to the construction bonanza, driven by large infrastructure projects across Victoria and New South Wales.

  • According to Seek, project engineering experienced the highest job growth in NSW from November 2015 to November 2016 at 92%.


  • The workforce will add ‘super temps’ or highly skilled professionals who work on an assignment in an interim executive or senior role. These workers possess highly honed skills, extensive experience and are technology savvy. An increase in overseas migrants may counter some demand, but not all.

  • Shortage of these workers will intensify particularly in NSW.

  • Candidates will be offered extensions or a permanent role at the end of their contract if they have proven to be the right fit.

Sales Representatives:

  • Includes sales executives, sales advisors and retail sales people.

  • Candidates need advanced technical skills and the ability to manage large amounts of data.

IT Staff:

  • In Greythorn’s 2016-2017 market report, the need for mobile apps has decreased significantly while cloud computing remains at the top of all lists, as in 2015. The need for skills in cyber security and big data analytics is also up there.

On a side note, relevant experience is not enough to secure a job in 2017. This year, job seekers need to offer more than what is being asked on the job description and “add value”. Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand, explains that a candidate adds value if he or she had experience in a related discipline, demonstrated prior process improvements or advanced digital skills, which allow supplementary duties to be performed.

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