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Can You Believe It?? Some Employees Scared To Use Flexible Work Policies!!

Yes, the work-life company policies look amazing on paper when you are reading your contract prior to signing your employment agreement. But in practice, it’s true that a majority of you do not utilise these perks.

According to a study from and McKinsey & Co., More than 90% of both women and men believe that they will take a career hit if they utilise these flexible work perks offered by the company as they are worried that they will look less committed than their peers. Whilst 118 companies surveyed offer flexible work programs, only a fraction of workers take advantage. Just 4% opt for extended maternity leave.

These findings clearly show the need for companies to possibly reinvent or change their corporate culture to facilitate a work environment that actually offers flexible work policies that their employees feel comfortable to use. Simple steps such as:

  • highlighting successful examples of flexible leave-taking

  • encouraging mentor-ship and diversity programs

  • rethinking performance reviews can most definitely influence the attitudes of employees.

We would love to hear your thoughts in respect of this issue in the workplace! Are you afraid to take advantage of flexible work policies in your workplace for the same or any other reasons?

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