January 28, 2016


Checking and acknowledging online communications, searching for information, accessing cloud based files, understanding internal network management systems…


Nowadays being digitally literate is not just an asset but also a necessity; a requirement t...

January 21, 2016



Human Resources is a major element in both the development and success of many companies. Arguably, within the HR function, the acquisition and retention of talent is one of, if not the most, pivotal roles that it may perform.


However, in reality,...

January 14, 2016



Well and truly into the New Year there are many opportunities to be had. In this week’s article, we introduce you to Big Data and explore a few select ways in which it can help develop your organisation's HR.


What is Big Data?


Big Data in HR refer...

January 7, 2016


The New Year has just begun and for many January is not only a time for celebration but a time for reflection. It is a time for us to look back on ourselves, to see our highlights and lowlights, successes and failures, and obtain an insight into whe...

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