September 23, 2015

Over the past decade we have seen a dramatic shift in the recruitment process. In an extremely competitive global setting where there is always someone else doing something faster, better, and/or more innovative, the competition for talent has been t...

September 22, 2015


It is not uncommon for managers to skip contacting unsuccessful candidates who didn’t get the job. The manager may not simply have enough time to do so or may dislike giving negative feedback.

However, as we share briefly in this week’s post, respond...

September 16, 2015


Step back in time to a few decades ago when a typical workday ended at 5.00pm. You would pack up and switch your mind off for the rest of the evening.


Now fast forward to today’s digital age. It is almost impossible to escape from smartphones, compu...

September 16, 2015


Distinguishing who is the best potential new hire in an interview alone can be difficult to judge. Thus, a growing number of companies are incorporating assessment tests into their hiring and recruitment process. In this week’s blog, we discuss asse...

September 9, 2015

Regardless of how happy you make your workers and how enjoyable your company may be to work for, from time to time employees will leave - be it to retire or relocate, or just in response to changing circumstances in their lives. There is, however, su...

September 8, 2015


In this week’s blog, we explore conflict management and share with you a brief overview of some styles and strategies in dealing with conflict in the workplace.

According to Thomas & Kilman (1972) there are five conflict management styles or strategi...

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